Starting a business can be a daunting task!

Especially when you know very little about the world wide web, well don't worry, we are here to help you!

"High end design at low end prices"

We have taken care of web solutions for every size of business from start ups to governments! We have even worked for the British crown! Yep... we are indeed Royal accredited designers!

business startup

< This is me! People call me Baz! I am the chief designer

I take care of all the creative stuff. My brain works that way. I have an eye for perfection, I innovate to bring businesses a real edge, I am particularly good with marketing approach. I can always think up a great angle to help clients sell a product or service in a unique and clever way. I am knowledgeable and a team player. I believe the secret to great service is to listen carefully and act accordingly. I know when to follow and I know when to lead. I'm here to help you, and help I certainly will!

  • Design applications I use:
    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe premier, After effects, Flash,
  • My Skills:
    Marketing strategies, Creative writing, Business copy, web innovation, Research, Back end managent systems design, Google pay per click, Flyer design, Staionery design, Business card design, Web site design, Image optimisation, Graphic design, Business development, Tea making!
business startup

This is Fil! >
She is the brains
of this operation!

Fil (Philomena) takes care of all the clever technical side. Her mathematical brain waves compliment my creative power perfectly! FilMakes stuff work! She is incredibly capable with code. She has built some amazing stuff!And most important;y she is an absolutely lovely person! our clients love her!

  • Applications Fil uses:
    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe dreamweaver, Bootsrap, Adobe fireworks, php myadmin, mysql
  • Fil's Skills:
    HTML Coding, PHP coding, javascript, MYSQL, Bootstrap, database construction, Troubleshooting,
    Server systems, Server configuration, Business administration, Client management,
    And I cant forget.... POKER! ( Shes pretty damned good!)
So please do not worry about anything!  We got you! If you need a reliable web team who go the extra mile to help out you have found it!  We will support you all the way.  Anything you need to know just ask, you can call us anytime for a friendly chat!

Get in touch now and lets get your business online in the best way possible!

Landline: 01535 630 109
Mobile: 07828 014 690

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